Greater Flint Council of Churches

The Greater Flint Council of Churches, in its calling to express our oneness in
Jesus Christ as Divine Savior and Lord, seeks to maintain fellowship among the
participating churches: to develop programs by which the churches may work in
concert to address human concerns: to communicate among the participating
churches so we may all learn, grow, and serve, and to facilitate opportunities to
worship and witness together as an expression of faith.

To witness to the ecumenical spirit and purpose of the cooperating churches in
carrying out their mission in the community and the world.
To do for the churches such cooperative work as they authorize the Council to
carry on in their behalf. This may include work in Christian Education, Christian
Missions, Church in Society, Christian Unity and Interfaith Cooperation,
evangelism, stewardship, and the use of the media, planning, adjustment and
counseling in matters of church extension, and such other religious activities of
the churches.
To encourage fellowship and mutual counsel concerning the spiritual life and
religious activities of the churches.
To study the religious needs and social concerns which confront the churches of
the community and devise plans to meet those needs.
To maintain fellowship and cooperation with other ecumenical bodies that, by
action of their highest constitutional authority, are in agreement with the
Preamble of the Constitution.